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Our Purpose

Performance Mortgage LLC wants to be your FIRST CHOICE in delivering the American dream of homeownership. We want to inspire hope in our customers that they can fulfill their dream of being a homeowner.

As your local New Orleans and Chalmette mortgage lender, we’re 100% focused on our customers as well as our employees and strive to deliver a seamless experience with exceptional mortgage service. We are committed to ethical lending practices and expert knowledge in our multiple loan programs.

We hire and train the industry’s best mortgage professionals ensuring that each customer’s experience is their best. We provide market-lending mortgage solutions and tools resulting in our proven record of closing loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our mission at Performance Mortgage LLC is to value our customers who are allowing us to build a long lasting relationship. At Performance Mortgage LLC we don’t want to just be a lender you used to purchase your home rather we want to be your lender for life.

 Loan Options

We provide a variety of home loans ranging from government-backed loans (FHA, VA, USDA), conventional loans, non-conventional loans (Jumbo), as well as fixed and adjustable rate mortgage programs.

Government-Backed Loans

These loans are insured by the government and it protects the lender in case the borrower defaults on their Chalmette mortgage payments. An FHA loan is a government-backed loan that is distributed through the Federal Housing Administration. This loan offers low rates and has easier loan qualification requirements.

A VA loan is issued by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs and is an affordable loan for active military members and veterans.

A USDA loan is a loan that has a zero down payment requirement and is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture for specific rural and urban homes.

Conventional Loans

These loans follow the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines where the maximum borrowing limit is $453,100.

Non-Conventional Loans

A non-conventional loan is one that exceeds the maximum borrowing limit of a conventional loan. This is known as a jumbo loan and is available to borrowers who have a good income, excellent credit and are wishing to purchase a large home.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

This mortgage program is where you are offered a set rate on your home loan that will not change throughout your home’s amortization period.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

An adjustable rate mortgage is a specific mortgage program where your rates are dependent on the market. This means that if the market changes and interest rates drop, you will be paying less on interest every month than you might have thought. However, if the interest rates rise, your specific mortgage rates will also rise, meaning you will have to pay more. An adjustable rate mortgage, however, generally has lower initial interest rates than a fixed rate mortgage.

To find out more information on our loan options, please contact our mortgage professionals at 504-279-5626 or you can visit our Loan Options tab HERE.

 Our Tools

Today’s Rates

We provide a variety of different tools that can be accessed for free at any time from any smartphone device. This includes our “Today’s Rates” tab where you can receive useful information on the types of rates you may receive from your mortgage lender in New Orleans.

Purchase Assistant

If you are wanting to communicate with a Purchase Assistant to help you in the mortgage decision-making process, please click HERE.

Refinance Advisor

Making the decision to refinance your current mortgage can be overwhelming for any homeowner. Our “Refinance Advisor” tool is a quick and easy process that can help provide all the useful information you will need to know about refinancing your home.

Real Estate

If you would like to know about the recent involvement our team has had in the real estate market or if you are interested in learning about how many homes have recently sold, new homes available on the market, or new homes going under construction, please visit our Real Estate tab HERE.

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